Production Company
EM FilmWorks

Writer, director, producer
Ernest Meholli

Best Feature Film Award – IFFNY  – International Filmmaker Festival, New York 
Best Actor Award Award – IFFNY – International Filmaker Festival, New York
Audience Award – PRIFEST Prishtina International film festival, Prishtina  


Is a psychological drama about an army deserter that returns home. He expects to find his life the way he left it, but he finds out that he is declared dead and everything has changed. He tries desperately to reconnect with his loved one. Slowly he becomes a shadow of his former self, struggling with the fact that he no longer exists for the world he used to be a part of. 

Director’s statement

Gone Back my first feature film is a very important step for me. I wanted to create a strange world where slowly we discover the story through the eyes of the main character. 
The idea of Gone Back started when I visited my home country of Kosovo after being away for almost a decade. The changes I saw after being gone for such a long time impacted me deeply. While walking around, I felt as if I was in surreal dream, observing my own life but nobody could see or hear me. 
Gone Back tells a story about the decisions we make in life and the consequences of those choices. A soldier fights to belong in a world that he can no longer recognize from his past. 
In the past, a soldier who fought for his country, and survived, returned home and was treated like a hero. Returning soldiers were welcomed back with open arms by their loved ones. 
But in the present day, highly charged political interests, together with the mainstream media distorted the meaning of being soldier. It is impossible to know if a soldier is a “hero” or just a victim of vicious political games. Many former soldiers were left regretting their decisions. 
In this movie, a young soldier tries to escape the choices he made and he goes back to fight for the most pure and important thing in the world, love. But his choices still have consequences he must face

EM FILM WORKS, Writer & director
Ernest Meholli
Astrit Alihajdaraj
Hanna Verboom
Blerim Destani
Karin Jessica Jansen 
Refet Abazi
Edon Rizvanolli
Yinli Titt 
Script coach
Ernie Tee
Script assistant
Robert van Dijk
First Assistant Director
Ysbrant Bakker
Melissa Nieveld
Child Attendant
Madelief Blanken
Ernest Meholli
Executive Producers
Stephan Nemchik 
Henk Smellink 
Hanna Verboom
Production Manager
Lilia Costa
Production Assistants
Marleen te Walvaart  
Stef Meijer
Xhenita Vllasaliu
Paul Veer
Joerie van de Vorle
Joost van de Wetering
Danny Noordanus
Camera assistant
Melvin Kok
Michel Ijzerman
Nathalie Scheper
Sound recording
Robil Rahantoeknam 
Daan Arens 
Nick Pursehouse
Guus Rooijers
Dennis Alink
Sound design & re-recording
Robil Rahantoeknam 
Sound desig
Niels Hahn
Sound mix assistant
Nicole Württemberger
Original film score
Matteo Taheri 
Music performed by
Baltic symphony orchestra (St. Petersburg)
Colin Huijser
Steady-cam operator
Nafid Tansaz
Production design
Janneke Jacobs
Joery Verwij
Assistant prod. design
Wilco van Amerongen
Make up
Karin Rex
Blerina Dula
Set Dresser
Josine Immoos
Floris Eysing Smeets
Costume Design
Rivka Koops 
Vita Mees 
Costumes assistant
Florentine Burghout
Carla van Zanddijk
Ernest Meholli 
Visual effects
Matthijs Joor 
Video Editor Kosovo
Edon Rizvanolli
Visual effects assistant
Melvin Kok
Color grading
Guy Molin
Grading assistant
Oliver Steffens
Sascha Pisonic
executive producer Kosova
Berat Keqekolla
Visual effects Kosova
Edon Rizvanolli 
Sound Kosovo
Illto music studio
Pellumb Ballata 
Extras Netherlands
René Trok
Barry van Vliet
Truck driver
Bert Bolink
Mugger 1
Edo T. Wegman
Mugger 2
Bedri Halili
Jan Ravenstijn
Shop Keeper
Marietta Stassinopoulos
Café guests
Jan Ravenstijn
Henk Smellink
Marcel Ankone
Truus Ankone
Hilbert Kist
Marit Kist
Tineke Horstink
Jaap de Rooij
Theo Postel
Bennie Kerkhof Jonkman
Tonny Alink
Extras Kosova
Ysbrant Bakker
Florim Brajshori
Alban Selimi
Mehedini Selimi
Arian Troshupa
Benjamin Havolli
Faton Mehuka
Arsim Beka
Shabi Gori
Agron Maqedonci
Driton Selimi
Enver Gashi
Muhamed Retkoceri
Sahit Sekiraqa
Arsim Ibrahimi
Valdrin Krasniqi
Fisnik Krasniqi
Enis Muhamedi
Ardian Gashi
Lirik Gashi
Arianit Gashi